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Fly with one of the most Experienced CFI in New England while doing your training in a Schweizer 300CBI @ New England Helicopter Academy

Welcome to New England Helicopter Academy

At New England Helicopter Academy, we strive to provide the most in-depth helicopter pilot training to all of our students. Whether you want to become a pilot simply for recreational purposes or to pursue piloting as a career, we will train you to handle any real-life flying situation that may arise. In all cases, we train to the highest possible standards.

At NEHA, you will experience the challenge of piloting a helicopter and at the same time take pride in your accomplishments as you progress in your training. You will fly to a number of controlled and uncontrolled airports, and to many places that only a helicopter can access. You will encounter exciting scenery, and learn to deal with coastal weather patterns and an assortment of airspaces.

NEHA  provides a wide variety of training and recreational options. In your training flights you will cruise along the beaches of Cape Cod, colorful rural areas and through cities such as Boston and Providence. You will fly through busy and remote areas for a varied selection of training environments. And you will develop lasting friendships with our staff and your fellow students.

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